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ZED X Mini Stereo Camera

ZED X Mini Stereo Camera

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Lens Focal Length
GMSL2 Capture Card

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The ZED X Mini is the ideal depth AI camera for AMRs, pick and place and manipulation tasks. Its compact form factor and industrial connectivity allow for seamless integration into any robotics and spatial perception applications..

Product Features
  • Short-range Depth Camera
  • Color Global Shutter at 1200p 60fps
  • Neural Depth Gen2
  • High accuracy depth perception from 0.1 to 8m (2.2mm), 0.15 to 12m (4mm)
  • High-performance vibration-resistant IMU
  • Secure GMSL2 connection (1.5m cable included
  • Industrial-grade IP67 enclosure
  • External hardware synchronization with multiple ZED X cameras
  • Compatible with ZED Box and GMSL2 Capture Cards
  • Compact form factor
  • Process Automation
  • Volume Measurement
  • Robotic Arms
  • AMRs
  • Short-range Sensing

Additional cables available


What's In the Box

• 1x ZED X Mini
• 1x 1.5m GMSL2 Female to Female cable
• 1x GMSL2 Capture Card Duo (option)

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