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ZED X Stereo Camera

ZED X Stereo Camera

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Lens Focal Length
GMSL2 Capture Card

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The ZED X is the most advanced AI stereo camera for robotics and spatial perception. Powered by Neural Depth Engine 2, high resolution global shutter and lenses, robust aluminum enclosure, vibration-resistant IMU, and GMSL2 interface. Designed for industrial use and 24/7 reliability.

Product Features
  • Color Global Shutter at 1200p 60fps
  • Neural Depth Gen2
  • High accuracy depth perception from 0.3 to 20m (2.2mm), 1 to 35m (4mm).
  • High-performance vibration-resistant IMU
  • Secure GMSL2 connection (1.5m cable included)
  • Industrial-grade IP67 enclosure
  • External hardware synchronization with multiple ZED X cameras
  • Compatible with ZED Box and GMSL2 Capture Cards
  • Perception
  • Localization
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Smart Navigation
  • Volumetric Measurement

Additional cables available


What's In the Box

• 1x ZED X
• 1x 1.5m GMSL Female to Female cable
• 1x GMSL2 Capture Card Duo (option)

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